Bollywood Actor John Abraham
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Bollywood Actor John Abraham – Strange Facts Compiled By Loy Machedo

MachedoApr 17, 2017
Besports Bike Shop
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What Makes Besports Bike Shop Stand Out From Other Brands?

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Thai Bar Girls

67 Thai Bargirls Rules On How To Tame The Farang Buffalo

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Love, Sex, Money…..Then Betray – How I Lost Everything To A Thai Woman

MachedoApr 13, 2017
Indian Necessary Words & Bad Words

330 Indian Backarchodu (Necessary Words) For The Western Chootia (Expat) – Loy Machedo’s Ph.D Program

MachedoApr 10, 2017
Creative Videos
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Creative Videos Loy Machedo Has Watched This Week

MachedoApr 6, 2017
Tai Lopez Fraud

Is Tai Lopez & 67 Steps an Internet Marketing Scam?

MachedoApr 5, 2017
WWE Goldberg

WWE Goldberg’s Breaks Character on RAW – Must Watch

MachedoApr 4, 2017
Hilarious Resume Change
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13 Hilarious Change Job Seekers Have Made in Their Resumes

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Stupid Resume Statements
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27 Stupid Resume Statements

MachedoApr 3, 2017
WWE Wrestlemania 33
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WWE Wrestlemania 33 Videos and Other WWE Matches

MachedoApr 3, 2017
Ridiculous Covering Letters
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43 Absolutely Ridiculous Covering Letters Sent By Candidates Compiled by Loy Machedo

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