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Loy Machedo Introduction

My name is Loy Machedo and I am the Middle East’s Only Personal Branding Strategist, Award-Winning Communicator, Coach of World-Ranked Speaker & a Student of Self-Learning

I’ve Coached 36 Under-19 Nationally Ranked Public Speaking Champions, 17 UAE Speaking Champions, 3 Middle East Speaking Champions, 3 International Champions Finalist, 2 World Ranked Champion Speaking Finalist, 2 World Debating Champion Finalist.

And in the Corporate World, I’ve Mentored 4 CEO’s of Multinational Companies, 43 Middle Level Manager & over 1,639 Job Seekers.



What do I do? 


Whatever Salary You are Earning Today, My Goal is to Help you Double Your Income – By Increasing Your Brand Value, Making You a Better Communicator and Providing you with the Tools for Personal Self-Development.

As of 2013, I have trained over 1,639 candidates to date and have over 106 Written Recommendations on Linkedin.

To download a copy of my profile with its recommendations – please check:



About Loy Machedo – His Official Introduction

Loy Machedo has impressive Credentials.

  • Failed in School
  • Failed in College
  • Failed 1st Job as a Shopkeeper
  • Failed 1st Salary – Earning only 1,300 per Month
  • Failed in his Career – Couldn’t keep a Job for more than 6 months
  • Failed in having Savings – He has Zero Property & Money in the bank
  • Failed in Marriage – Divorced Twice
  • Failed 1st Impression – Tattooed Everywhere
  • Failed in Religion – He is an Atheist
  • Failed in Keeping Relationship – People consider him absolutely irritating
  • Failed Family Life – Given his above achievements, they Abandoned Him

Surprisingly, this academically uneducated, unwanted and unbearable personality

Works only 5 to 7 days a month,

Gets up at whatever time he wants, Sleeps whenever he wants and Does whatever he is passionate about.

And he is still able to pay his bills on time.

He is also an active blogger, writer & Book review critic. In 2 years he has written over 800 articles & completed book reviews of over 212 best selling books. On his Social Media Platform he is connected to over 48,000 people around the world.

He is a Voracious Reader & Researcher who reads only Non-Fiction Material only. His favorite subjects are the 5C’s – Communication, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Psychology, Character analysis & Creativity. Finally, his greatest achievement has been that he has been the Coach & Mentor to over 4 World Champion Speakers and that he Ran from Sharjah to Burj Al Arab – 47km – 8 hours that too Barefoot.

Today, he trains & mentors people who are twice his age, who have ten times his bank balance and who are a 100 times more accomplished than he is – in the Art of BCD – Branding, Communication & Development.

And that is why Loy Machedo epitomizes one can achieve true happiness if only one finds out his true self and remains true to himself.

Ladies & Gentlemen –

This is whom the world calls “The World’s #1 Personal Branding Strategist”

The one and only – Loy Machedo


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  1. Jhasketan Garud

    Aug 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Hi Loy,

    I am following you already on Quora & was so much impressed with your answers that I decided to visit your blog. And I must tell you that I am not at all disappointed. You’ve been an inspiration. Thanks a lot.

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