Who am I?

“In my nothingness, a nothing from nowhere.”

These were the words of my Yoga Teacher Guruji Rajesh.

Over the years, in the corporate world, I have been given titles like ‘Sales Executive’, ‘Marketing Manager’, ‘Director’…only to realize, these were titles that lasted as long as the job existed.

If I would look at it from the eyes of relationships, I am a ‘Son’, a ‘Brother’, a ‘Cousin’, a ‘Friend’, a ‘Guide’, a “Mentor’, a ‘Student’…..only to realize, these titles would change with the people who came and went from my life…..

The titles I have earned by my own hard word were like ‘Award winning speaker, Writer, Trainer’, ‘Creative consultant’, ‘The Tattooed Trainer’…but then I guess it was for me to put it in my business card….

Then came some of the titles I was certified by some trainers like ‘Master NLP coach’, ‘Master Life coach’, ‘Co-active coach’, ‘Graphologist’, ‘Character analyst’,

So…who am I?

In searching for this answer….I found it in the words of my Yoga coach, Rajesh who said it so beautifully….and that is what I will leave you with….

‘You are nothing….a nothing from no where……and in your nothingness you are everything and everyone’.

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