Loy Machedo’s Book Review – YOU are a Brand by Catherine Kaputa

Loy Machedo’s Book Review – YOU are a Brand by Catherine Kaputa



Being a Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Speaker on topics related to Personal Branding, Peak Performance and Professional Speaking, I find it important for me to update myself with all the possible material available in the market. So I incessantly & obsessively purchase anything related to these subjects. And that is where I bumped into Catherine Kaputa’s ‘You are a Brand’.

But if you check this book’s review on amazon.com, you will discover only 4 people have written about it (3 have given it a 5-Star Rating and 1 a 2-Star Rating). I was surprised and wondered why?
Obliviously, when you see no one endorsing the book as much as you would expect, you would be tempted to judge this book as not a good investment.

However, in my opinion, I found the book pretty good.

The Book is around 177 pages divided into 12 Chapters, easy to read and understand. The author beautifully simplifies what Personal Branding is all about.

Some of the characteristics of the book that I loved the most were:
1) The Brain-Storming Exercises mentioned throughout the book
2) The encapsulation of the ideas in a nutshell towards the end of every chapter.
3) The bulleted points to simplify understanding and ensure brevity.
4) The practical to-do tips peppered throughout the book
5) The new and fresh examples which were cited in the book.

Catherine Kaputa

In fact, the very aspect of having the book endorsed by legendary authors like Tom Peters and Jay Conrad Levinson should give you enough confidence to know that this is indeed a book worth purchasing.

So now moment of truth.
The book is an instructions manual that one must follow if he is serious about his brand. It has every bit of advice I would give any of my students or clients. However, if you are looking for a causal read, mind boggling break-through discoveries or an entertaining time killer – this is not the one you should purchase. This is a serious work book for serious folks who have the time, effort, dedication and discipline to invest in themselves to become, truly a World Class Brand.

Overall Rating
I give this book respectable 8 out of 10.

Go ahead and buy it, if you serious about Personal Branding.

Loy Machedo
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