A Very Personal & Intimate Confession – Why do I take a...

A Very Personal & Intimate Confession – Why do I take a 30 minute shower.

Who is Loy Machedo
Who is Loy Machedo

I am going to share something really personal with you.

I took a shower a few minutes ago.

A long shower.

The menu for the shower session was as follows:
3 types of body wash
(a scent fresh, a skin sensitive one and a creamy lather)
a body soap to scrub off my dead skin.
Himalaya skin care products
Two kinds of Facial Scrubs,
a nice shaving cream to smear all over my face and head
and after some time
a nice dance along my skin with my favorite blade – Schick Quattro.

The result
Fresh skin and one small cut.
Must have been a pimple.

So in order to take care of that problem
a nice Deep Pore cleansing wipe.


The fresh minty burning sensation was enough to remind me – yup, I was fresh and ready!

And if you thought it was all over,
Nope you are wrong.

Then came Himalaya Neem Face Wash and Himalaya Soft Cream Face Wash
to ensure my face was all shiny, healthy and smooth.

The whole experiment took around 30 minutes to complete.

Yes my dear friends – 30 minutes a day for a bath.

10,950 minutes a year

Roughly 7.6 days in the shower.
And if I were to live for 70 years,
That is roughly 1.45 years being spent only under a shower.

Can you imagine that?

And if you find that odd, imagine this.

People spend quite a lot of money on
clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, holidays and fun things.

Most of the money is spent trying to outdo your neighbor or to show off to the world.

Women do it to hide their age.
Men do it to look sophisticated.


Where women do it on silly stupid senseless stuff like
anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging creams, anti-ugly over-priced make up
and accessories that make them look more like a closet hanger,
men squander their moolah on worthless stuff like
overpriced suits, shirts, perfumes, gadgets, an over-sized house or worse –
accessories for their vehicles.

Oh by the way – if you thought this was silly
Watch my Indian brothers and sister

Many men and women I know, spend endless hours ensuring
that they look younger than their age.

I wonder who are they trying to fool?

Where women color their hair to a artificial jet black smear –
some men even color their mustache!

Everyone does this – so why not us?

In as much there is nothing wrong in splurging one’s hard earned money and
contributing to the economy,
It makes perfectly no sense when you spend all that time and money
to look amazing on the outside but nothing on the inside.

Honestly – what about the stuff inside?
Core competencies?

Stuff that would make a difference in ones professional personal life in their love life?

You don’t have to look very far.

Look around you.

Most of the people who are in their 60’s are no longer employed.
Reason – they didn’t upgrade themselves when the PC revolution took place.

Most of the people who are in their 50’s are struggling to hold on to their jobs.
Reason – they didn’t bother to float with the MBA fad, their communication skills are pathetic and they are not up to date with the Internet revolution.


And today, you have people in their 30’s struggling.
Reason – today with the social media revolution, the core competencies of being a professional networker and the demands for having multiplicity of skills – from a knowledge base of NLP to Professional Training, Selling and Marketing skills; many of them will soon join this long queue of unemployed professionals.

Gone are the days where you could use your experience as a trump card
to maintain your monopoly on a baseless job title.

You have a new breed of professionals coming along to wipe you out.
More brutal and more bloody than King Leonidas massacre in 300.
(check out the movie titled 300)

I may spend 30 minutes in the shower having a glorious bath.
But I have made it a habit to spend around 6 hours
updating my knowledge base and core competencies every day.
I am not interested to join this line of to-be-extinct working class of dinosaurs.

And if you by any chance feel tempting to shout out, but I a qualified MBA professional.
Let me give you a worthwhile exercise.
Insert your finger in your mouth
Really deep
And gag yourself to vomit,
Keep trying it until you can’t handle it anymore.

Having theoretical knowledge without any application
is like having a Blackberry with the entire encyclopedia in it.

It is of no use.

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed,
there are enough and more people with fake MBA in the market.
I am sure if you look hard
you can get one from your local community for a measly $100 dollars.

So much for that worthless piece of paper.

Remember – it is not the stamped paper that would set you apart from the rest.
It is what value based results you bring to the table as a professional

So my question to you is this.

How much time and money are you spending upgrading yourself every day?

Upgrading with those skills that make you stand out in the real world?

As a real time professional?

The next time you take a bath
and use a nice body wash or a soap to clean yourself up

Think about what I said

May be then, given the gravity and competition that exists in today’s world

You might actually think hard as you have a long hard bath.