I would require 20 to 30 minutes to explain everything I know. However, here are few key points.

The 4 Powerful Pillar Points to any table topics are:

1) Don’t be afraid to make a total fool of yourself – Learn to relax and enjoy the moment.
2) Approach the table topic with a mind set to fail
3) Don’t move from the stage until you see the Red Light – Show you enjoy the spot light
4) If nothing else, just keep talking any nonsense.

The 6 secret steps.
1) Listen very carefully to the topic
2) Repeat the topic in your head as it is being stated.
3) Capture the ‘key’ words of the topic
4) Visualize the topic in you mind as a movie
5) Try to connect the ‘key’ word to whatever comes to you mind.
6) As you keep talking, try to visualize the sequence in your head (Remember you can think faster than you speak)

The standard key approach to any topic are the following:

OOOC – Opinion, Opinion, Opinion and Conclusion
(When you get a topic that requires your opinion, give 3 opinions of your and end with a conclusion eg. What do you think would happen if the Gold prices came down?)

EEEC – Example, Example, Example and Conclusion
(When you get a topic that requires your opinion, give 3 examples and finally end with a conclusion eg. Who do you think is smarter – Man or Woman?)

OBC – The standard Opening, Body and Conclusion
(Do I need to explain this?)

If / But format or Agree to Disagree Approach
(A situation is given to you. You site an example for the topic. You site another example against the topic. Then finally you give your conclusion in the end. Eg – Do you think its okay for men to take the role of housewives?)

Take a stand approach
(A question is presented to you and you take one side of the argument and make your stand clear. Do you think sex education should be allowed in schools?)

Dissect approach
(A crazy topic is given to you. Explain what you understand of the topic. Normally, such topics don’t make sense but how you dissect them makes the difference. Why did the chicken cross the road?)

Loy Machedo


  1. Mary Thomas

    Very good & useful tips for TT! Enjoy reading your Blog, you’re not only a good speaker but a good writer too. Keep it up!!


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